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Domaine Hugo - Botley’s Con Fondo
This is a dry pet-nat, stoppered by a crown cap, made from the three champagne varieties plus Pinot Gris grown in a single vineyard. Unfiltered. Very pale apricot colour. This smells pretty much like a grower's champagne, and tastes like a lightweight version of one. Bone-dry impression. Very clean and fresh

Domaine Hugo - Hugo
New offering from Hugo Stewart, once of Les Clos Perdus but now growing wine on chalk in Wiltshire. This is a blend of the three Champagne grapes and Pinot Gris grown biodynamically and fermented spontaneously in barrel. There's some real interest here and the acid level is quite manageable, and is offset by the breadth of fruit on the palate even though the finish is bone dry – and remarkably long. Very promising. I note distributors Under the Bonnet describe this as 2018 though there is no such indication on the label.
Jancis Robinson
Wine critic, journalist and wine writer.
A brilliant newcomer to the UK fizz scene and beyond. Sorry, but I cannot bring myself to say English Sparkling Wine, both an ugly mouthful and dull as dishwater to say. By any standard this is superior stuff. Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Meunier and a noiticeable filip of Pinot Gris. Made near Salisbury by Hugo Stewart a former wizard of great wine from Les Clos Perdus in the S of France, and very talented winemaker Daniel Ham. This is all 2018 and evinces peach skin smoky perfume and a convincing round freshness that avoids the jarring acidity of a lot of UK fizz. There are notes of sponge bakery and warm apple with a spicy linger and a tiptoe texture but keeping a sense of satisfying fullness and complexity on the long finish. Biodynamic. Quite rightly UK fizz must be compared to champagne and this is up there with the best but shows a broad big sky sense of open texture I'd like to think may be the signature of Wiltshire. Jancis Robinson scored this 17+ and I can see why it deserves such a high score.
Tim Hall
Champagne specialist and commentator. Scala Wine London